About Bdlisteners

Bdlisteners is a first of its kind organization in Bangladesh managed by highly trained and qualified mental health professionals.

 It provides capacity building workshops, trainings, and consultations for the professionals which are person-centered, evidence-based, and solutions focused. Since 2014, bdlisteners is providing its training and services to the leading organizations and industries and their workforce.


Bdlisteners will help you to build mental health awareness, teach you how to respond to challenging situations, and collaborate with you to create a healthier, safer workplace. We are providing wide range of training and workshops, mental health support including counseling, psychotherapy for the professionals to make mentally healthy environment with the improved quality of production and services.

In the modern workplace and daily life, people are in a rush and they have too little space to share their very own emotions and feelings. We are here to listen to those people who are in need, to be with the one when s/he needs someone to share his/her feelings. Whenever someone feels stressed, depressed or any sorts of psychological disturbances, they can always reach us. At bdlisteners, we believe that sharing is curing.


Our vision is to promote mentally healthy environment for all.


Our mission is to ensure optimal mental health for professionals through awareness, training, research and support.

Core Values

Bdlisteners carrying out its business and activities based on following core values and principles:

  • Focus on innovative ideas to promote mental health services in workplaces
  • Practice and maintain high ethical and quality standards
  • Respect and protect environment and living beings
  • Meet the client’s needs and satisfaction
  • Evolve as per modern technology demands for better future